About RC Microlights

Why fly an RC Microlight from MIA Micro-FLIGHT ?

When was the last time you flew an RC model that you put together from a kit?,
which inspired a sense of satisfaction, flying confidence,
was outside the typical RC model and was able to withstand crash after crash?

In today’s quick mass-produced product world, such RC models are a rarity.

Welcome to RC Microlights

An extension of MIA Micro-FLIGHT, World Leader in Unique RC Aircraft.

 Established in 1999 to serve the RC Hobby market, with the best and  unique  radio control, original and custom products, in the form of DIY builder kits.

A place where we offer the world’s only  RC Microlights, with
True Weight-Shift Control, High Performance, High Durability and Realism.

MIA EZ™ Line of RC Microlights come in “Standard” kits, sizes 48″ to 60″ in wing span and offer not only the ease of a Bolt-On model, you can assemble yourself, with standard tools,  in a few hours or an evening, but also the ease of transport. We also offer larger models as “Custom” kits or orders.

MIA RC Microlights  are original designs, engineered, from the ground up, with modern-day materials, and are manufactured with  proprietary CAD/CAM methods and parts, along with  a selection of MIA TUFF™ select hardware components, which over the years, has become a widely recognizable MIA trademark, in every product we have produced. This meticulous and carefully monitored process, constitutes MIA’s unique product nature and is what separates MIA from the rest of other rc hobby companies’ products,  in particular, ones  that are mass-produced.

MIA’s most notable and valuable product feature, is its durability in a crash.
MIA RC Microlights survive what the typical RC model does not.

MIA RC Microlights are operated just as the real ones are, via true weight-shift. We employ 2 control options, Indirect and Direct Control, depending on the particular kit. On the MIA EZ™ Trikes, the control is via 2 servos mounted on the frame and connected via links to the wing. While on the MIA Robo™ Trikes, the control is via a self-contained servo-operated robotic pilot, with  proprietary geometry, connected direct to the model control bar.  When the model is in the air, in flight, you will not be able to tell the difference and this is more of a personal preference.  There are no control surfaces, as on a regular 3-axis, aircraft and therefore the models are very simple to set up and operate using Elevon Mix, a feature found on most modern-day radio control programmable transmitters.

MIA EZ™ Trike 1.25 Custom RC Microlight with Indirect Control System
MIA Robo™ Trike RC Microlight with Direct Control System

One of MIA’s specialties is, in-scale,  Aluminum and Composite Bolt-On Frames, with meticulously sewn sails, and True Ultralight aircraft wings, made from colorful Ripstop, with Mylar, and Dacron reinforcements. These materials and fabrics, along with a well thought-out and engineered structure, makes our microlight trike airframes and wings light-weight and extremely durable. The end result is similar to a high-end crafted modern-day, full-scale, ultralight aircraft, that uses similar materials and processes, looks and flies like a dream!.

What makes our RC Microlights Unique and Realistic?

MIA RC Microlight Ultra Custom inspired by a full-scale Tanarg model from Air Creations

We believe, the answer is not only in our never-ending passion for these types of RC models, but in our engineering and years of refinement. We have placed a great deal of effort not only on the performance, durability and realism of our products, but also on the ease of assembly and operation for a user with basic RC building and flying skills.

For even greater realism,  we offer two types of pilot figures,  MIA EZ™ Pilot figure with an animatronics servo operated head, for the MIA EZ™ Trike 1.25 standard and custom kits. While on the MIA Robo™ trikes, we include a MIA Robo™ Pilot figure, with animatronics servo operated limbs for direct control.

Go on – Try one for yourself and experience this new form of RC aircraft flying, you have been missing.

Personal Product Support direct from the Designer

I would love to hear from you, Please go directly to my video and leave me a comment. Thanks. MIA

We have built extensive knowledge and skills, designing, building, flying and manufacturing unique types of RC ultralight aircraft, over a span of more than 30 years. We offer this experience, in the form of personal technical support, to get you building and flying your rc microlight, successfully, in no time!  You will not find another company, in the world, that offers this level of support, direct, from the person with all the answers,  Mario I. Arguello (MIA).

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Made in Arizona, U.S.A